A static flavor of the IPv6 broadband trials is now available. In order to participate in the new trials and obtain a static IPv6 prefix, the following information is needed (via email to ipv6@otenet.gr) :

  • First/last name of the ConnX account owner
  • userid
  • telephone number

Users of the existing IPv6 trials can participate in the new service, which is provided on a trial basis. A static /56 prefix (256 subnets) will be assigned to each participating user. Service activation will be confirmed by OTE via email from ipv6@otenet.gr . Activation will be complete once the user resets his/her PPP session

Please note that  no personal details will be required other that the ones stated in this post. Also note that OTE will not ask for any other personal details concerning the IPv6 trials via email or otherwise

More information about OTE IPv6 trials here

updated cisco config to resolve DHCPv6 PD issue. Download updated config

Supported CPEs section updated (AVM7270, GENNET OxyGEN)

added inbound v4 ACL. Download here

how to use a freeBSD box as an IPv6 CPE

updated cisco 877 config

added latest version of the configuration for c87x/c88x

IPv6 mini-site is getting into shape

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