We’ve just hit the 60 users mark! Next up, 100 users. We, very much appreciate your feedback so keep it coming.


4 Responses to “users on the rise”

  1. Not bad, although 60 users out of thousands seems too small of a number, it’s start though.

    The problems I had is with the IPv4 range that these trials use, it seems blacklisted in big email vendors like hotmail, if I use OTEnet’s SMTP relay my mails get rejected.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by IPv6 Reposter, cca. cca said: Good, but still low number of users really, we need more! RT @oteipv6 #OTE #IPv6 trial users on the rise http://bit.ly/ik7S77 […]

  3. Well, the blacklisting seems fixed, although mails are very delayed when delivered. No problems on the IPv6 side.

    Note for SQUID users: Squid has currently a bug, it won’t fallback to IPv4 properly when a misconfigured IPv6 host doesn’t reply. An annoyance, but nothing we can do until they fix it.

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