not much IPv6 traffic from the pilot users yet. Note that most of it should be youtube traffic. These graphs represent traffic from February 1st

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  1. Hmm, I do not think Youtube supports IPv6 officially yet, checking my own connection I get only IPv4 connectivity to Youtube, Unless I’m missing something,

    • OK, found out why. Apparently Youtube DNS records do not expose IPv6 universaly. Only if use OTE’s DNS server I get the IPv6 AAAA record, but normaly I use my own bind server. I guess I’ll have to modify it to use OTE’s servers as forwarders.

      • exactly! OTE’s DNS servers for the IPv6 trial, are whitelisted by Google in order to get Google’s AAAA records. These servers are: 2a02:580:200::100 ( and 2a02:580:200::200 ( Maybe we should clarify this a bit

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  3. Sadly I had to remove the DNS forwarding, Youtube either doesn’t route the requests to the proper cdn cache server or their IPv6 doesn’t have enough bandwidth. Videos kept stalling, when I switched back to IPv4 they started playing fine.

    • We”ll look into it, this shouldn’t really happen

      • I started a relevant thread in the forum, you’ll also find some traceroutes there.

        • The problem with youtube still persists. :(

          From reading the thread on

          the problem is on google’s end and so far they don’t seem to care, unfortunately

          • Κάποιες φορές τυχαίνει να παρατηρώ ακόμα το πρόβλημα με Win XP PC.
            Σε Win 7 (ίδια DSL σύνδεση, ίδιο router) συνήθως δεν έχω πρόβλημα.
            Μήπως παίζει κάτι με το streaming over IPv6 σε Win XP?
            Τι λειτουργικό χρησιμοποιείτε?

          • A few months ago, we had a word with Google about that. Their semi-official response was that the number of OTE IPv6 users does not qualify for dualstacking the local GGCs :( . Unofficially, they said that its not that hard to upgrade the GGCs. We’ll bring it to their attention again!

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