IPv6 Trials

OTE is providing IPv6 connectivity to its broadband users, on a trial basis. The only prerequisite is that the user provide his/her own IPv6-capable CPE. Please also read the disclaimer and the FAQ.

IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) was primarily designed to cope with IPv4 addresses exhaustion, but also to improve upon version 4.

In order to provide IPv6 connectivity, OTE is using Dual Stack technique, where both protocol stacks (IPv4 and IPv6) are deployed by network devices. More about the Dual Stack technique here.

OTE’s IP core and distribution network is already IPv6 enabled (dual-stack). Dual stack servers have also been deployed in order to provide IPv6 internet services (such as DNS, HTTP).

OTE has IPv6 peerings with local providers via the Greek Internet Exchange (GRIX), as well as with international ones via OTEglobe.

OTEglobe, in turn, has direct IPv6 peerings with other Tier-1 providers and content providers such as Google.

See also how to obtain a static IPv6 prefix

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