What is an IP address? ;

Every networked device (such as routers, PC etc) that communicates with other networked devices through the Intenet Protocol (IP) uses an IP address as an identifier. An IPv4 address has 32 binary bits (4 8-bit fields). A simpler 4 decimal numbers (separated by a dot (“.”)  notation is used, with each number ranging from 0 to 255. E.g

What’s all that about IPv4 address exhaustion ;

IANA allocated the last allocated blocks of IPv4 addresses to the RIRs on February 3, 2011. It is estimated that there will not be any IPv4 addresses left to allocate from RIRs to LIRs in less than 2 years.

Sources: potaroo wikipedia

How can I get IPv6 connectivity through OTE? ;

All Conn-x users can get IPv6 connectivity so long as their CPE supports dual-stack connectivity (both IPv6 and IPv4 running in parallel).

Once dual-stack is enabled, PPP domain needs to be changed from @otenet.gr to @ipv6ote.gr. No change on password is needed.

What sort of equipment can I use? ;

For the time being, CPEs from two vendors have been tested: Cisco 87x/88x from Cisco and Fritz! Box 7270 from AVM.

More and more CPE vendors are offering IPv6 features for their modem/routers. Check out Supported CPEs in order to get more information about compatible equipment as well as trial users submitted configurations.

How do I get back to my previous status (IPv4 only connectivity)? ;

Just change back to PPP domain from @ipv6ote.gr to @otenet.gr.

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